The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging for SEO

Blogging for SEO requires more than just writing down what you want to say, and sharing it with your audience. Learn how keyword research, tone, even formatting can improve or hinder your ranking in the search engine.

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10 Easy Ways Your Cosmetic Practice Can Have Great SEO

When your patients are looking for you online, it's important to invest time into being visible for them. Learn why keyword research, page speed, blogging and more are important elements in drawing users to your page, and keeping them there!

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8 Easy Ways to Build Credibility Online for Your Cosmetic Practice

If your patients can easily find you online, not only is it good for business, but it also boosts your credibility in the field. Let's talk about achieving a great ranking factor through elements of a strong SEO strategy, and what it takes to create one.

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How to Introduce a Killer Social Strategy for Your Cosmetic Practice

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons claims more patients are paying attention to your online presence than ever before. Let's talk about what kind of content will best engage them, and more importantly, convert them!

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Your Guide for Proper Aesthetic Branding

Branding is how any company makes a memorable name for themselves. Learn what the cosmetic industry calls for in order to build a killer brand, and generate uber-specific leads!

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Why Your Business Needs to Automate Your Marketing

No marketer has the time to contact each client individually, and with automation, you don't have to. Discover the top automation platforms, and why leaving it to the software is the way to go.

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