6 Top Stats to Observe in B2B Content Marketing


B2B buyers are looking for very specific things in their content. With 86% of buyers claiming to see no real difference between suppliers online, it’s become even more important to develop an inbound strategy that is entirely your own

This is where unique content marketing comes in. This inbound method of marketing helps with lead generation, increasing web traffic, online exposure, and improving sales.

The B2B industry is broad, but the topics and themes buyers want to see in your content remain the same. B2B buyers want to read about topics such as:

  • How to manage money
  • How to increase revenue while cutting costs
  • How to advance their career
  • How to remain competitive
  • How to hire great candidates

The list goes on. The problem is, everyone is writing content that is similar, if not identical to these themes; this means that you need to write content that is fresh, relevant, and something to remember.

The eBook ‘6 Top Stats to Observe in B2B Content Marketing’ contains important statistics in B2B content marketing, and tips for how to use these numbers to your advantage throughout your marketing efforts to create something lasting, that will be sure to stand out. Some of the points will include:

  • The importance of a social strategy, and what having one can do for your marketing efforts
  • Connecting with your audience and observing the needs and wants of buyers
  • Who the new target B2B demographic is, and what they want to see

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