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How is Inbound Marketing Different?

Traditional marketing is a disruptive tactic that generally asks the question “how can I get my ideal customer to notice me?”. This form of marketing centers around competing against dozens, even hundreds of competitors for the attention of the right person who may need your products and services. This way of marketing may have worked before, but technological improvements have empowered the consumer to avoid advertisements that they do not wish to see and to seek solutions to their problems on their own.

In Inbound marketing, the main question to ask yourself is “How can I be there when my ideal customers searches for a solution to their problem?”

The Inbound Methodology depends on the production of relevant and valuable content, such as blogs, whitepapers and e-books, that your ideal customer would find during a simple search engine inquiry.

How Valuable is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing asks how you can be the most useful to your ideal customer, opposed to how you can get your ideal customer to notice you and be interested in what you have to offer. By presenting yourself as the solution without having to hard sell, your customer can view you as trustworthy, educated, and the best option.

Inbound marketing also involves so much more than just having a product your ideal client could benefit from, and eventually selling it to them. Inbound focuses on content marketing, which involves sharing useful, compelling, and all-around good content with your visitors. This kind of honest, engaging copy invites them into your brand story, to share all of your knowledge and expertise, and lets them understand the way you think and what you can do for them.

By publishing your content to all the right places with all the right intentions, your content becomes helpful instead of disruptive and unwanted. When your advances are wanted opposed to irritating and interruptive, this can open a helpful and productive dialogue that may land you a new client, once they know you can address their concerns.

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