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Pay-per-click marketing is when you pay the search engine a small fee each time someone clicks your ad, it may sound simple but there is a lot that goes into it.

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Researching and selecting the right keywords to attract your ideal customers is how you will gain new clients. Say for example you cater to people looking for treatment in cosmetic dentistry, by using keywords they might be searching for (ex: cosmetic dentistry, healthy smile, etc.) you will be the first to appear in their online search meaning your website will be clicked on more frequently than those beneath it.

Creating audiences to target through pay per click marketing is a great way to make yourself known to different groups of people. Teenagers won’t be as interested in an online ad that speaks to the financial aspects of dentistry as their parents would be.

Prospects don’t mind being advertised to, as long as they are being targeted by information that is relevant and useful to their industry. With Paid searches or Pay-Per-Click ads, only those prospects who searched for specific keywords relating to a product or service would be offered to click on your advertisement. This is a great way to still accurately target your prospects with helpful, relevant information, without having to give them the hard sell.

Trying to advertise generic messages can be tricky, this is where having different audiences comes in handy. You will get the most out of your ads by speaking directly to the age demographic you’re targeting, teens will want to know how they can straighten their teeth up to 50% faster while their parents will want to know the cost associated with treatment.

Speaking to your audience directly will also ensure you get the most clicks possible, sharing an ad that is talking about affordable payment plans for braces will have parents clicking on the ad multiple times a day. Pay per click marketing is a cost effective and customisable resource to drive traffic to your page and ultimately your company.

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